School of Edward Roberts Smyth 1810 – 1899 Oil on board



A lovely late 19th-century oil on board reminiscent of the style of Edward R Smyth. The image shows a gentle scene of a ploughman and two shire horses and his dog taking a rest whilst another ploughman at work in the distance. Beautiful detail with a stunning blue sky above.

Edward Robert Smythe (1810 – 1899) and his brother and fellow artist Thomas Smythe (1825 – 1907) were brought up in Ipswich. They were educated at the school of Robert Burcham Clamp, Ipswich, where clamp, also an artist, probably inspired by the boys’ interest in art. Both Smythe brothers produced charming works showing an idyllic Suffolk landscape and life and had a good reputation in East Anglia in their lifetimes.

8.5” x 11.5

22 x 29cm


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