About Us

Welcome to Lavelle fine art. I first became interested in antique paintings in my early twenties. That was over 30 years ago! My primary interest was always in oils rather than watercolours. I began scouring antique shops, collector’s fairs and attended the odd auction for what I regarded as nice pieces. Long before the advent of the internet and with very limited funds and absolutely no formal art training I simply bought what took to my eye. In the intervening years I have been fortunate enough to have enjoyed countless beautiful paintings pass through my hands. Along the way I have gathered a sound knowledge of antique art and made many friends and associations with art professionals whom I could turn to for advice when needed.

Still simply a keen private collector and working in private industry it was not until 2015 with the help of my wife Jane that we decided to set up Lavelle Fine Art to run alongside other interests.

The ethos of the company remains the same as when I first began collecting all those years ago. The world of fine art can perhaps sometimes be regarded as quite exclusive. Our approach is to source and supply quality antique oil paintings in an honest and straightforward approachable manner.

Gerald (Ges) Lavelle.